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Born at 10 September 1978 in Lebanon, Beirut. Took his first graduation at St. Joseph school. Due to Lebanese war period, Sako has left the school early and begun singing art journey. Meantime he took drummer lessons for 3 years. At 17 years old, released his first album "Meghavorem" in Aleppo with Vicken Makoushian, which took a great beat and popularity those days. After this release, he stands at "Hovannes Boghossian" theatre Lebanon for the first time to present his voice art to Armenian culture. At 21st of his age he went for Lebanese obligatory service, within this year he produced his second album "Gogon Vartnes" in studio Polo Sound Beirut which was sponsored by GEKA Records. Last 10 years, GEKA Records became his general manager. Sako Berberian has released 6 albums until 2011 (Meghavorem, Gogon Vartnes, Sers Kez Gdam, Anhamper Em, Voroshe Aysor, Yerani). Last few years he's already recording new albums with studio polo sound, Saro Torikian & Karno Baghdassarian.

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Sako Berberian - Complete Albums

  • Meghavor Em

    Meghavor Em - Listen Live

    Release Year (1996)

    Akh Te Imanas, Ari Ints Mod, Ari Kef Anenk, Havidenagan Ser, Im Varte, Meg Hadig Ser, Meghavor Em, Nashkhoun Dzaghig, Yete

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  • Gogon Vartnes

    Gogon Vartnes - Listen Live

    Release Year (2000)

    Achkerous Chem Havadar, Anoushigs Es Toun, Ays Ashkharin Mech, Gogon Vartnes, Ints Latsouts, Miyayn Tounes, Naz Agthchig, Orere Jbdi, Pajanoumi Genatse, Tsav Ou Lats, Ya Ghazali

    Download Album

  • Sers Kez Gdam

    Sers Kez Gdam - Listen Live

    Release year (2002)

    Animasde, Ankin Yar, Ari Mods Yar, Harsanik, Herou Mi Kna, Im Mourazn Es, Lalis Em Yar (Remix), Lalis Em Yar, Lsoum Es Yar, Sers Kez Gdam, Tchem Timanar, Yeraze

    Download Album

  • Anhamper Em

    Anhamper Em - Listen Live

    Release year (2005)

    Al Bal, Anhamper Em, Bidi Kam, Es Ashkhare, Hoknetsa, Kna, Paght Che Yegher, Rosalinda, Verchin Ankam, Votch Mi Pjishg, Yerek Amis

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  • Voroshe Aysor

    Voroshe Aysor - Listen Live

    Release year (2008)

    Ankin Yar, Hay Aghchig, Hayasdani Genatse, Hivantem, Inch Lavnes, Kalis Eyir, Shakar Shokola, Voroshe Aysor, Votch Votch, Yete Ge Gardzes

    Download Album

  • Yerani

    Yerani - Listen Live

    Release year (2010)

    Achkt Khoumar, Anartar, Anoushig Nazelis, Asek Lerner, Daran, Hima Jamanage Che, Kez Pari Daretarts, Ouren, Shad Shad, Soudes, Vosgi Panalin, Yerani, Shvaradz Tartselem

    Download Album

  • Kez Hamar

    Kez Hamar - Listen Live

    Release year (2012)

    Kez Hamar, Tavadjan Yar, Im Knar, Asa Yar Djan, Djahilem Yes, Herou Herou, Yed Gkam, Im Varte, Yars Anjar Gerta, Im Dzaghig, Vorp Em Yes, Djahilem Yes(Remix)

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    New Tango
    Release year (2014)

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    Romantic night with Sako Berberian

    at his private club, with Sako bedrossian on keyboard
    22 August, starting time 9:00 p.m. (limited places)
    For Reservation: Geka Records & Disco Young
    For Information: 03-067845
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  • New album release
    SAKO BERBERIAN's new album "NEW TANGO" was released in JULY 11 2014
    new tango

  • Official News By: Sako Berberian

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Sako Berberian's WORDS

  • I am Sako Berberian. With loyal and honesty, owner of this website. First of all i want to say big thanks all over past years to all my listeners and fans. Without your kind support, i was not here now. Finally and not final, i would love to say big thanks for my complete family, the place where was the begin and the only corner to raise my music art journey.

  • Best Regards: Sako Berberian


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